9 Great Golf Course Recommendations


1Not All Golf Courses Are Equal

9 Great Golf Course Recommendations

All golf courses are not created equally. As you begin to play at more and more golf courses, you will find that to be very true. Some golf courses are extremely challenging and are thus not a good choice for beginners, while others are easier and are not a good choice for a more seasoned golfer. The following is an introduction to some well known golf courses and some advice to help you to select the right clubs for whatever course you are playing on.

Not All Golf Courses Are EqualThere Are Some Amazing Golf Courses Out ThereToday's Golf Balls Are Different Than Those Of The PastConsider Visiting The Birthplace Of GolfDifferent Courses Call For Different Types Of ClubsPinehurst No. 2 Golf CourseGolf Course Architects Create Wonderful CoursesPere Dye's TPC CourseBallybunion's Old CourseImage Map

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